Energy Matters

At EnergyModular, we change the way energy is stored, monitored and managed. 

We are a solution provider for renewable energy and applications which like to have secured electrical energy while they are off-grid. Our main customers are commercial buildings, Telecom towers, cottages and farm owners.

Our battery storage system is smart, safe and versatile, we guarantee it’s safe and healthy operation for years.    

We also provide equipment and products to measure and manage electrical energy, such as power monitoring devices, power management systems, remote power control over internet, battery management system, and many others.

We believe the future ahead is a sustainable one and as this change occurs, we would like to be alongside people who want to be a part of the future. 

To learn more about renewable energy sources and storage, follow the links on our site. If you are considering getting your own system setup, use our investment calculator and get a free online investment estimate instantly.