Solar Solution

Our solar based solution is the most reliable system with long life expectancy. We engineer the amount of solar power required as well as the amount of battery storage to provide a system that works with minimal amount of sunshine, even areas which average 2 or 3 hours of sun over the year can use our system.

We can mix this system with wind to make it even more reliable and reduce the chance of power loss.

When we start a project we look into the geographical data for that specific location and provide the best solution based on the available wind and sun year round.  

Wind Solution

Wind is the lowest cost source of energy today, we can arrange the installation of wind turbines based on the KW energy usage and the wind statistics of the location. We offer a variety of different wind turbines and solutions which can suit your location and application.

We can provide grid-tie solutions or use battery storage and provide off-grid power solution, depending on the customer needs.  If your location has an average wind speed of above 5 to 7 m/sec then we have a good solution for you.

Hybrid Solution

We are able to provide mixed solar and wind solution for applications that needs much higher reliability, we need to review the geographical location for weather statistics and propose an optimal solution.

A hybrid solution is not optimal in every location.

Fuel Cell Solution

Fuel Cell based power systems are the ideal backup power solutions for telecom and critical power applications, this technology has broken through traditional technology barriers to successfully produce electricity power with low-cost fuel cells. Compact and proven, zero-emission proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells produce power at the point of use, making them ideal replacements for batteries and generators. It is ideal for applications which need uninterrupted 24/7 operation.