Telecom Towers

Telecom towers located in remote areas where the grid is unreachable or unreliable use diesel generators as a source of power. But diesel generators are a source of pollution and their maintenance cost is high. Frequent visits to the site to inspect, monitor, and repair for the diesel generator is required. Meanwhile solar and wind energy generation systems are maintenance free or they need minimal maintenance, and they bring great long term cost savings to the telecom tower companies. Since wind and solar are both random sources of energy we need a good amount of battery storage to be able to store the energy and provide continuous power to telecom equipment. This needs analysis of the site for availability of wind and sunshine over the year and we can propose an optimum solution to increase cost savings. There is no single solution that works for every telecom tower at every location, we need to review the Geographical location as well as the average power consumption by that location to be able to provide an optimum solution.

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